Is this car the cheapest way to race at Goodwood?

22nd March 2018
Bob Murray

Bumble, the lovable racing MG Magnette with the unmistakable “cream cracker” paint job so well known from the St Mary’s Trophy, has found a new owner. 


Billed as the cheapest historic race car entry ticket to the Goodwood Revival, Bumble was picked up for a relative song at the Bonhams sale at this weekend’s Members’ Meeting. The new owner? That’s 26-year-old Ben Mather from the Cotswolds who battled the snow and ice to get to Goodwood in order to buy it.

Ben paid £19,500 for it, including the premium, and was going back to the Cotswolds happy (the car is said to have just had £30,000 spent on it) though aware that, in reality, invitations to race at Revival are never guaranteed.

“I have already done some historic racing in a Turner and am keen to do more, and would love to race at Goodwood. I know this car is very eligible, and very well prepared, so I have my fingers crossed…”


The 1956 ZA MG Magnette was built as a competition car in 1971 and raced prolifically by then-Chevron Cars owner, Roger Andreason, and his wife Judy. The MG then went rallying for many years before being renovated to HRDC Touring Greats spec, with MGB engine, a close-ratio competition gearbox, front disc brakes and uprated safety equipment. That was when it got its cream cracker paint and the nickname, Bumble.

In the 2013 St Mary’s Trophy at Revival Bumble came home an overall 11th, following it up with a 16th place the following year – and, more important, making everyone who saw the car smile. Since then it’s had a £30k makeover.

“I have had my eyes on this car for a while so I am very happy. All my friends race historic cars and I’m just a bit behind. Hopefully with this car I will be able to catch up,” said Ben.

  • 76MM

  • MG

  • 2018

  • Members Meeting

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