Video: 2023 Salvadori Cup highlights | 80MM

17th April 2023
Adam Wilkins

The Salvadori Cup at the 80th Members’ Meeting presented by Audrain Motorsport provided spectators with endless overtaking, not least because fourth-on-the-grid Shane Brereton had to start from the back of the grid after a restart. His battle to get back into contention was nothing if not assertive and determined.

He quickly battled his way into the top ten, and then gradually worked his way back up to fourth but a podium spot would prove elusive. The first three finishers were deeply engrossed in a battle of their own and kept Brereton locked out. In the end, the podium was claimed by Martin Stretton (Lister-Jaguar Knobbly), David Hart (Lister-Jaguar Costin) and Michael Gans (Lotus-Climax 15). It was a spectacular battle. Watch as the leading cars almost try to get into the chicane simultaneously, electing to leave each other just enough space at the last minute to all get through unscathed.

The entire grid is made up of beautiful sports racing cars that were originally raced between 1955 and 1960. The race takes its name from Roy Salvadori who won Le Mans in 1959 and earned the nickname ‘King of the Airfields’ after many victories at former World War Two airbases around the UK – think Silverstone, Snetterton and of course here at Goodwood.

With one of the most beautiful grids of the entire Members’ Meeting weekend, the Salvadori Cup always serves up a real spectacle as the backdrop to close, determined racing and the 2023 edition proved no exception. We reckon this highlights video provides the evidence.

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