Video: Hailwood Trophy part 1 full race | 80MM

20th April 2023
Ethan Jupp

The riders in the Hailwood Trophy at the 80th Members’ Meeting presented by Audrain Motorsport can only be matched for bravery by the heroes in the S.F. Edge Trophy for Edwardian specials. The noxious chain-driven two- and four-stroke motorcycles, their pilots astride them, took to Goodwood and all its bumps, dips, dives and cambers, without hesitation. A different breed. 

Graham Higlett on the number 50 Rob North Triumph romped into the lead from the off, though Scott Carson on the number 24 Yamaha TZ350G was hot on his heels making a beeline for the top step. Before we knew it, Carson made his move and got past, extending what was a convincing lead for the duration.

Towards the end of the race Dan Cooper on his number 37 Yamaha TZ350G gave chase to go for Carson’s seemingly impenetrable lead. Unfortunately, backmarkers put paid to his efforts, holding his chase up long enough for Carson to protect the grip he had on the lead past the finish.

Things got a bit messy further back in the field, with Dean Mitchell on his Yamaha going horizontal. A few others suffered mechanical issues, with these smoggy screamers often proving temperamental, as poor Emanuele Pirro found out when looking forward to the first two-wheeled race of his highly decorated, multiple-Le Mans-winning career.

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