JAN 26th 2016

Video: The History of F1 – Told by Toys!

The new Formula 1 season is very nearly upon us, in fact the teams (or some at least) are already in France testing Pirelli’s latest downpour-shifting wet weather tyres at Paul Ricard.

74MM Super Touring video promo

Before the latest cars to contest motorsport’s traditional pinnacle are revealed over the next few weeks GRR thought it time to take a quick look back over the history of the sport. And what better medium than one every petrolhead has at some point enjoyed – toy cars.

This delightful clip was put together by TV Global in Brazil before the Brazilian Grand Prix in 2013 and charts the history of F1 racing from the Ferraris and Mercedes of the 1950s right through to the then current Red Bull RB9.

F1 History

There is an obvious Brazilian bias (look out for Ayrton Senna flying the flag, literally) but it is still a wonderful way of exploring the history of the sport we love. Rather than complicated graphics and voiceovers, the video instead allows the cars to do the talking. Machines from each era battle for supremacy, magically transforming into the next when their competitor gains an advantage.

Enjoy this magical stroll through time as we see Ferrari, Matra, Benetton, McLaren and more represented before the young owner of the toys scoops them up and the race is over.

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