SEP 06th 2012

Video: There's a Ducati in the kitchen

Jack Gratton’s kitchen extension is not the usual extension shape. It’s very long and narrow and glazed on both sides. It’s bit like a corridor that doesn’t go anywhere. It is also full of Ducatis, all perfectly aligned along each side in a river of red. The impromptu ‘showroom’ was of course built just for them. Where else would you put your collection of 30 of the rarest and most valuable Ducatis ever made?

Jack Gratton is no ordinary Ducati collector. He is turned on only by the homologation specials, and the majority of his collection are SP or R models. They date back to the 750 SS of 1974, and some of them have never been riden. Not even once. For Jack they are art, and the most beautiful of them all is the SP3.

But Jack is as much rider, and racer, as art critic and other bikes in his collection get regular outings. His favourite to ride? ‘That has to be the SPS. With 135bhp and just 165kg it is just beautiful to ride.’

Cars, bikes, road or track, Jack gets his kicks from anything with an engine. Sometimes it’s just the engine; he has a BMW rotary engine from a WW2 Junkers actually in the kitchen. Next to the obligatory Ducati of course. ‘It’s engineering as art,’ he says.

If you think you know your SPs from your Rs, and want to see what else lurks inside Jack’s garage, join us as he gives us a personal guided tour to one of the country’s most remarkable collections.


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