OCT 16th 2014

Gallery: 72nd Members' Meeting

Nobody who saw it will forget the 72nd Members’ Meeting. The spectacle of Group B rally cars, Group C Sports Prototypes, turbo F1 cars and Group One Touring Cars as well as a healthy dollop of Revival fodder saw Goodwood enter into a new era which will see three major annual motorsport events held at our corner of West Sussex.

To celebrate this and to look forward to next year’s 73rd Members’ Meeting (as well as alleviate the gloomy mornings we’ve been subjected to recently) we thought we’d kick-off your day with a look back at the March event which saw the daffodils in full bloom to welcome to the circuit a wealth of spectacular cars.

Which does the most for you? As incredible as the higher-powered races and demonstrations were, most of us in the GRR office would probably opt for one of the bigger Group One tourers. Hmmm, Rover, Capri, or Camaro……..?




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