OCT 28th 2014

Gallery: Open‑wheelers at Goodwood, 2014

Do you follow Formula One? If so, you don’t need us to tell you this has been a memorable season, for better or worse. And with the tumultuous 2014 season now drawing to an end, we thought we’d take a look back at the open-wheelers that have been entertaining us on the Goodwood Motor Circuit during the past year.

We’ve been lucky enough to have glorious 1930s cars, where cable-operated drum brakes and wire wheels ruled. Then there were the lightweight Formula Juniors, front-engined, Formula One legends such as the Maserati 250F, plus the rise of the garagistes from Lotus et al, all of which have raced wheel-to-wheel at Goodwood this year. Plus a few incredible rarities, such as the Ferrari 158 and the Maserati V8Ri… And who can forget the Bugatti race at the 72nd Members’ Meeting?

 The turbo-era F1 cars performing high speed displays at Members’ Meeting were a hit. Who would have thought that we’d ever see these cutting edge racers spitting flames around Goodwood?

 This brings us back to the modern era. The F1 cars in the 2014 season may not be the prettiest nor the fastest Grand Prix cars to ever race, but they are some of the most complicated racers ever built and are the stars of what some are saying will go down as one of the great modern-era seasons. Will they go on to be as loved as some of the open-wheelers in our gallery?

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