OCT 15th 2014

Video: How to drive the ex‑Fangio C‑Type Jaguar around Monaco

Earlier this year GRR had the pleasure of attending the Monaco Historique and witnessing the astonishing spectacle of grids of historic racing cars screaming around the principality. This excellent footage shows Nissan GT Academy hotshoe Alex Buncombe on his way to a crushing victory in the Series C race for sports racing cars built between 1952 and 1955.

To witness these cars being driven hard at historic race meetings is always thrilling. Seeing them being thrown around mere inches from the armco barriers that line a road circuit like Monaco is quite another. When the car in question is J.D Classics’ ex-Juan Manuel Fangio C-Type Jaguar then the experience reaches a whole new level.

We heartily advise that you take four minutes and 25 seconds to watch Mr Buncombe’s arms flailing at the huge steering wheel as he hustles the C-Type into the bends and then catches it with a dab of opposite lock on the way out, all whilst maintaining a smooth and fast line. And as for the rasping, cackling song sung by the straight-six…

 Can you watch it though without wincing when he’s sliding it towards a barrier? Go on, be honest!

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