OCT 23rd 2014

Video: Monaco 1975 and the zenith of the 'high‑airbox' F1 cars

We’ve been itching to tell you for some time now about the ‘high-airbox’ F1 cars coming to next year’s 73rd Members’ Meeting. And now that the cat is out of the bag we’re going to celebrate with this outstanding footage from Monaco in 1975, which was arguably the high point (sorry …) of the era before the enormous airboxes were outlawed the following year.

There is no commentary, which is quite nice for a change, so we should point out that the winner was Niki Lauda and that the wildly overenthusiastic nutcase trying to run on to the track as Lauda crosses the line is – apparently – a youthful Luca DiMontezemolo!

It’s also worth pointing out how empty the harbour appears, and how much prettier the boats were then.

Aaah the good old days…

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