NOV 12th 2014

Porsche 904 GTP... Targa Florio history and even rarer than a GTS


In his piece on car-makers re-using heritage names, Andrew Frankel touched on Porsche’s recent re-adoption of the GTS tag. Grand Touring Sport was first used on the 904 racing car, which made its debut in 1963 after the company’s withdrawal from Formula One. But there was also the GTP, the distinction being that P stood for Prototype and denoted works racing cars. Only six GTPs were built, and it’s thought that four remain. The consequence is that its rarity makes P a lot more sought-after than S – and rarer is always better, right?

Porsche built 100 GTSs to meet the homologation requirement of the FIA GT class it competed in, but interest was so high that many more could have been built and sold. The composite bodied, ladder-frame chassis’d 904 was the beginning of a programme of sports racing cars that ultimately led to the 917.

The GTP pictured here has paperwork to back-up its works racer status; Porsche competed with it in the 1965 Targa Florio. It’s due to be sold by Coys next month – and that factory provenance doesn’t come cheap. It carries an estimate of £1.1m to £1.3m and makes the ex-Lauda March that will go through the same sale look a snip!

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