NOV 06th 2014

Video: 'Flat Out and Fearless' – Colin McRae on the limit

When the theme for next year’s Festival of Speed was revealed as ‘Flat-out and Fearless: Racing on the Edge’ talk in the GRR office turned to some of our favourite on-the-edge racing moments. 

We discussed at length which video we should share, but we couldn’t agree. So as a result we’ve decided to share a ‘Flat Out and Fearless’ clip each week, starting with the inimitable Colin McRae at Rally Australia in 1997.  

The footage is epic enough, but the scenario surrounding McRae and co-driver Nicky Grist’s efforts here is worth pointing out. Rally Australia was the penultimate rally of the championship and having suffered four retirements in a row McRae needed to win the final three events to give himself a faint chance of winning the title.

He’d won in Italy, the event prior to Australia, so in the footage here you’re looking at a man giving it everything he has in order to win. The problem was a Finnish master called Tommi Makkinen who was leading going into the stage which contained the fearsome Bunnings jumps. 100% commitment was required if you wanted to make up any time.

With this in mind hit the play button …

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