DEC 08th 2014

Do Ferrari 275s get more special than this?


The warm, arrid climate of Arizona in mind-January seems a long way off right now, but in just five weeks’ time Bonhams will be rolling on to the block one of the best Ferrari 275s we’ve ever seen at its Scottsdale auction


The 1966 275GTB Competizione you see here will undoubtedly be one of the star attractions and will be fought over by some very serious collectors. The list of reasons why this will be the case is a long one. As a Competizione model it was built with a lighter-yet-stronger chassis than the ‘production’ 275, the exquisite bodywork was created using extra-thin aluminium to keep the poundage as low as possible, and finally the 3.3-litre V12 was treated to a swathe of factory enhancements as well as being mounted further back in the chassis to maximise power output and weight distribution. These facts alone make this 275 a very special thing, but there’s much more to its story …


It was delivered to the legendary Swiss racing team Scuderia Filipinetti who raced it at Le Mans in ’67, ’68 and ’69, winning its class on two occasions. It was also raced by them in the 1969 Spa 1000Km where it again won its class, and repeated the feat at the Imola 500Km race in the same year. 


After Filipinetti was done with it, it went through a few collectors’ hands in the States before being shipped back to Modena and none-other than the firm we introduced to you earlier – Carrozeria Brandoli  who are possibly the most sought-after Ferrari body restorers on the planet. Then, with such provenance and a ‘100-point’ body restoration it won honours at Pebble Beach before taking part in the Le Mans Classic and Silverstone Classic.

So, what are we bid for this extraordinary 275GTB Competizione? We’ll find out in January, but in case you’re determined to make it yours, please let us know and we’ll see if we can find some space for it at FoS and the Revival … 

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