DEC 04th 2014

Video: Cisitalia D46 in 'Sleeping Beauty'

A friend of GRR’s from Italy, Giorgio Oppici (whose birthday it is today), kindly let us know about a car he filmed recently. Believed to be the very machine in which Tazio Nuvolari once drove sans steering wheel, it belongs to an avid collector in Modena called Mario Righini who recently took it out of storage for the first time in many years.

Although the car is apparently 100% complete, it hasn’t been running for a while – the collector apparently satisfied with the car’s aesthetic beauty and provenance alone. Giorgio tells us: ‘I wanted to do this film when I found out from my friend Roberto Rossi that this car was in a rare state of conservation and where it was stored. I wanted to tell the story of this car through the signs of time that passes. I respected the memory of the car with the silence. For this reason I prefer not to start the engine, not to disturb her.’

That said, we asked if there might be a chance of seeing it running and were told that it’s being considered. With that in mind, we’re told that said collector also owns the Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 with which Nuvolari won both at the Targa Florio and at Monza in 1933! Watch this space … 

The short film Giorgio has made – ‘Sleeping Beauty’ – is exquisite. In it we see up-close the wonderful patina of this special car, which appears to be in exactly the condition it was when it last raced. If you’re a fan of originality then this is about as beautiful as it gets.

Unlike the Fiat S76 film we shared recently there’s a lack of flames and thunder, but what it lacks in noise it more than makes up for with beauty and texture.

Happy birthday Giorgio! See more of his wonderful work here.

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