APR 02nd 2014

Broken Brits abroad supported by JD Classics

International rescue for Mille Miglia Jags

How frustrated would you be to have bagged an entry on the Mille Miglia only to grind to a halt on your way from Brescia to Rome, or back to Brescia? Very, is probably the answer given that there’s plenty of driving to be done and a big party to get to.

Anyone driving a Jaguar – or indeed anything with a Jaguar engine – has some added peace of mind in May thanks to those talented guys at JD Classics. The Essex based company will be dispatching two technicians and fully-loaded support vehicle to follow the historic cars around the course, helping out any ailing Jaguars unfortunate enough to find themselves at the roadside in a cloud of steam or puddle of oil.

If you want anyone on your side in that situation, it’s JD Classics. The team works with Jaguar Racing Heritage, which is the official Jaguar works historic racing team. It’s just one of the many strings to JD Classics’ bow; if you’ve been to the Revival or Members’ Meeting, you’ll have seen cars of all marques prepared by them.

Now, when is our AA membership up for renewal?

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