APR 03rd 2014

Group B to get down and dirty at Lydden Hill

Historic rallycross cars brought out of retirement for combat

The UK round of the newly-formed FIA World Rallycross Championship takes place at Lydden Hill on 24-25 May… but it’s not the new and (relatively) shiny metal that has caught our attention.

Nope, we’re much more interested in the Group B machines that will spitting flames, popping exhausts and rubbing paint for a special feature race. Group B guarantees drama, as you’ll know if you’ve ever stood beside the Festival of Speed rally stage.

The reputation of these fearsome machines goes before them. In 1986 they were banned from the stages after a number of fatal accidents, but that didn’t call time on rallying’s most legendary machines. Many cars found a new home in Rallycross.

The rulebook for this discipline was much thinner so, far from being curtailed, most cars ended up producing more power (as much as 650bhp) and featuring increasingly wild aero attachments. Wheel-to-wheel combat on mixed mud and tarmac circuits ensued, to delight of spectators and competitors.

Many of the car’s original drivers will be back behind the wheels of their respective Ford RS200s, Audi Sport S1 Quattros and Metro 6R4s. Further cars, including the Citroen BX4TC and Peugeot 405 T16, will be on static display.

If you’re free on the bank holiday weekend in late May, you know where to be to witness mud-flicking fun.


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