MAY 08th 2014

Donington Historics ‑ Race Galleries and event Round‑up

Billed as ‘3 Exhilarating Days, 18 Spectacular Races, 400 Historic Racing Cars’, this year’s Donington Historic Festival always looked promising. If the event lived up to expectations, all it was going to need was some decent weather.

Well the promise of the car content was easily fulfilled, and the sun shone pretty much all last weekend too!

My estimation that John Surtees came down the Wheatcroft straight doing well in excess of the ton, was obviously way out…

John Surtees was the event’s Guest of Honour, and to celebrate the paddock had a static display of the four wheeled machinery that had been milestones in his racing career. On Saturday and Sunday he took to the wheel of a Can-Am Lola for demonstration laps. When asked why he wasnt wearing the normally compulsory helmet, he replied with a hint of a twinkle in his eye, Im keeping the speed down so I wont need one, and its only three laps. Right! My estimation that he came down the Wheatcroft straight doing well in excess of the ton, was obviously way out…

Alongside the main track action the Historic Rally Car Register and the British Historic Kart Club were giving demonstration runs on a section of the Melbourne hairpin. Tyre smoking and dust flinging from a selection of Group B rally cars were a definite highlight, too. As was the sheer speed of the Karts. 

The circuit infield played host to a wide range of car clubs, all displaying their finery in the sunshine. Along with such stalwarts as the Bentley Drivers Club, Porsche and TR register were the more unusual such as Nissan Figaro. Proving the point that you dont have to own an expensive or high performance vehicle to enjoy motoring. A factor that kept the infield busy with appreciative visitors all weekend. 

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Including Race Action Picture Galleries and Cars That Rocked Donington Historics

Anthony Robinson, Robb Gravett, John Edwards, Alun Edwards, Triumph Dolomite Sprint

Pictures: Chris McEvoy

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