MAY 18th 2014

Gallery: Mille Miglia 2014. Days three and four

I’d been warned that the Miglia can take a big bite out of you. It has. In the last two days my co-driver and I have spent no fewer that 25 hours behind the wheel of our F-Type R, with little sleep in between driving it – usually quite quickly – along some of the most glorious and challenging roads that Europe has to offer.

Right now we’re in Bologna, where we drove to from Rome yesterday, and despite the luxury of a full seven hour sleep we’re frazzled. How the competitors are coping in cars up to 103 years old we will find out tonight when this whole crazy circus comes to a close back in Brescia. Bear in mind also that we’ve been driving comfortable GTs with air conditioning, and have had the option to cut out little chunks of the route here and there to lessen the amount of time to the hotels…

Speaking of competitors, twice yesterday Martin Brundle and Bruno Senna came past us in great style and with a lot of speed in their D-Type. We weren’t exactly hanging around, they were on historic tyres, and after a few bends they were no longer in sight. According to the organisers they were lying in 18th overall which is impressive for their first effort. Most of the other famous Brits like Jodie Marsh and Brian Johnson were around the 150 mark. Not bad out of 450 cars.

As I write this the F-Types are assembling outside for the final push to Brescia, so I’ll leave you with a few more photos from the last couple of days.

This is an event which truly asks of you just how much you like driving. The answer is still ‘lots’, but I may need a few days off afterwards!

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