MAY 19th 2014

Gallery: Mille Miglia 2014. The finishing line...

So the most beautiful race in the world is over for another year, and I for one am in medical need of a rest. Having covered a total of 1604.3 kilometres I am left in bewildered awe not only of Giordano Mozzi and Stefania Biacca who prevailed in a Lancia Lambda type 221, but every one of the 422 crews who finished the Miglia yesterday afternoon.

As was widely expected the Italians dominated the final standings, with the first three slots being filled by the Lancia, an Alfa Romeo 6C 1750, and a Fiat Siata 514MM respectively; all crewed exclusively by Italians. An Aston Martin LeMans and a Bugatti T40 took the next two positions, but they also featured an Italian crew.

The top British crew were the pairing of Frederica and Simon Kirkpatrick in a Bugatti Type 37a, whilst the highest placed all-British effort was Derek Hood and Steven Riedling in their Cooper-Jaguar T33 which sped past our convoy of Jaguar F-Types several times throughout the event after we re-passed them during the time trial sections.

Seeing as though messrs Hood and Riedling came home in 125th place, the efforts of Jodie Kidd and her fiancé David Blakeley deserve special mention. Despite having never driven the event before, and having only enjoyed a few laps of the Goodwood circuit in preparation, the couple managed to bring their Jaguar XK120 home just 7 places behind the super-rare T33. Seconds after driving off the podium Jodie could be heard exclaiming her love for the car, vowing that if she was invited back next year she’d be determined to win! Watch this space…

Mercurial AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson and Octane’s Mark Dixon finished in 340th position after the former was customarily mobbed by the locals each time the pair arrived at a town in their C-Type, while Jay Leno and Jaguar designer Ian Callum brought their ec-Ecurie Ecosse XK120 back a little further up the road in 310th.

As for F1 hotshoes Brundle and Senna, having run as high as 18th they decided on the final day that, with a top finish no longer on the cards that they would rather enjoy driving their D-Type without the hassle of the timed sections, and as such ended up down in 209th place.And our F-Type R? As the miles rolled on I loved it more and more, the inimitable crackle from the exhausts seemingly pleasing all onlookers (including the police!) at every point. That said, I’d happily swap its power and comfort for an eligible car in which I could do next year’s event as a competitor. Well, I can dream…

Follow this link to see the full list of finishers.

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