MAY 09th 2014

Making Historique: Monaco's biennial bash rocks

Stepping out of the station, the sight of St.Devote greets you almost immediately; the first corner of the famous Monaco circuit, except the scene is more chaotic than even the occasionally messy starts to an F1 race.

“ace photographer Dom Romney has put together this modest picture gallery to whet your appetite…”

Just hours prior to the first practise session of the 2014 Monaco Historique, armies of workers are still erecting the vast temporary grandstands at the end of the start finish straight. Advertising boards are still being put in place, youths are buzzing along the still-open public road on their beloved mopeds (many sans mirrors) in-and-out of the heaving pre-event traffic, locals are still walking their dogs, and almost everybody is smoking. The notion of running a varied field of historic racing cars around this place seems insane.

With the pavements now well-buried under the grandstands, it is only possible to get about by navigating your way along the footpaths which take you underneath these vast, dark labyrinths of scaffolding. It’s a surreal experience for us, but one which seems to hinder the locals not one bit.

GT2R3513Emerging finally from the darkness of the sub-grandstand walkway another familiar sight greets us; the bar at Rascasse. A swift check of our accreditation and we’re ushered into the paddock area, although there’s hardly any time to take-in the bizarre sight of a paddock crammed with rare and exotic racing cars just feet from the harbour, because we have a date at the Credit Suisse Drivers’ Club for breakfast with Sir Stirling Moss, Derek Bell, Jochen Mass, and Romain Dumas.

With the questions completed it was time for us to venture outside to the paddock, say hello to a few Goodwood regulars, and take-in some of the early practise sessions. Oh, and apply some sun-block… it’s hot here, and it won’t take much to turn our pasty British skin lobster-red.

Our ace photographer Dom Romney has put together this modest picture gallery to whet your appetite and help convey the ambience of this incredible biennial spectacle.

More to come!

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