MAY 13th 2014

Monaco Historique: The oily (and not‑so‑oily) bits

The paddock area at the Monaco Historique was a fascinating scene to behold; to one side a fenced-off avenue of bars, eateries, and boat emporiums all occasionally engulfed in enriched exhaust gases from the cold-starting cars (which seemed to bother nobody… quite the opposite in fact), and to the other a narrow walkway between the fence and the Mediterranean (which did threaten those attempting to overtake slower pedestrian traffic with a thorough drenching).

Meanwhile in the middle of all this, a selection of the world’s finest historic racing cars and their pilots waited to contribute another verse to the legend that is Monaco.

During a break from documenting all the sensational on-track action, our go-to photographic wizard Dom Romney braved both an early bath and a coughing fit and prowled the paddock itself in search of the most alluring up-close and behind-the-scenes shots. We reckon he’s nailed it, wouldn’t you agree?

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