JUL 07th 2014

Bonhams to auction 'Rote Sau' at Mercedes sale

For historic saloon racing fans, the name Rote Sau (or Red Pig) carries with it quite a bit of weight (sorry …).

A legend was created at the Spa 24hrs in 1971 when the original Rote Sau finished an astonishing second and won its class behind a Ford Capri RS. Had it not required frequent refueling and tyres, reviewers at the time noted that it could have won outright.

The original car was a 1970 Mercedes Benz 300 SEL 6.3 prepared by AMG, which apparently dropped off the radar somewhere in France and hasn’t been seen again. What we have here, however, is an extremely accurate tribute. Take a look at the way the arches have been extended, and especially the recessed fuel-filler. Lovely.

Bonhams are selling this one at their Mercedes Benz Museum sale in Stuttgart on the 12th of this month, and despite a catalogue dripping with highly desirable Stuttgart fodder, this is the one we most want to drive back to Blighty. Bearing in mind some of the other delectable machinery on offer (more on that in due course …) that’s saying something!

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