JUL 26th 2014

Cars that rock Silverstone Classic: Nissan R91ck

It’s not often that we feature a Nissan as a car that rocks, in fact we haven’t yet, so let’s put that right without further ado.

Behold the NissanR91ck. Despite the unfamiliar livery, this was once a factory car which wore the recognisable ‘Calsonic’ red, white, and blue colours. This one raced at Le Mans in 1990 as an R90ck and was forced to retire, after which it returned to Nova Engineering for extensive chassis and aero modifications, after which it was dubbed the R91ck.

CGA Race Engineering are running it at the Silverstone Classic, and reckon that it is one of the two ways to beat the Jaguars. The other being a Mercedes-Benz C11… Apparently the driver has the option to adjust the turbo boost between 780bhp and 909bhp ‘for overtaking purposes’. Sounds like fun!

In qualifying the car lived up to its billing by snatching 2nd place on the grid behind the C11, but will it give the enigmatic German a run for its money in the main event?

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