JUL 18th 2014

Firing on... Six! Alfa Romeo GTV6

Some engines are worth more than the sum of their parts. One such is the long-lived (1979 to 2006) Alfa Romeo V6, which is as much a musical instrument as it is an engine. Designer Giuseppe Busso’s main responsibility within the Italian organisation was the design and development of racing engines… and it shows in the soulful, road-going V6.

He passed away just three days after production of his V6 ended. The factory where his engines had been produced for 27 years was close to his home, and seeing it idle was apparently too much to bear.

The Alfa Romeo GTV 6 in our video has the original 12-valve, SOHC, push-rod specification engine. Minimal exhaust silencing somewhat overpowers the glorious induction sound, but it’s still an aural treat.

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