JUL 05th 2014

Gallery: '70s legends ‑ Grid 6 at Le Mans Classic

Racing starts at 3pm on Saturday at the LM Classic, leaving plenty of time in the morning to browse the paddocks – even after a bit of a red wine-induced lie-in…

The nature of the event means there’s lots of mouth-watering race machinery from the post-66 era that we never see at the Goodwood Circuit (with the possible exception of Members Meeting demos!), and after watching all the grids on track for yesterday’s qualifying sessions, I deliberately saved the best part of my own paddock perusal until last.

Grid 6 is where it’s at, for those of us born long enough ago to have first cottoned-on to the thrill of motorsport in the 1970s. It’s for cars campaigned between 1972 and 1979, to be exact, so the paddock comprises a veritable cornucopia of road car-based racers from BMW 3.0 CSLs and M1s, through Ferrari 512BBs, and Porsche 911s with various oddities in-between.

The ranks of the pure racers are filled with names like Chevron, Lola, Rondeau, Ligier, Alpine, Mirage… well you get the picture.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy these!

Photography (camera on auto!): Nicholas Prangnell and Chris Rosamond

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