JUL 05th 2014

Gallery: Grid 5 at Le Mans Classic... post Goodwood‑era greats!

Elegibility for Goodwood Revival ends at 1966, which makes Grid 5 at the Le Mans Classic a fascinating reminder of what might have been had the Circuit been active for competition into the late ’60s.

Grid 5 covers the era from 1966 to 1971, which also means a wander along the paddock shelters (situated just behind the ‘new’ Le Mans pits) is a bit of a sensory overload for anyone susceptible to such icons of Le Mans as the Porsche 906/7/8s, Chevron B16s, Lola T70s and other such delights.

We almost hesitate to mention the Alfa 33 and T33, or the Ferrari 312, on the grounds of potential public disorder… but we’re assuming you’re all old enough to behave responsibly!


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