JUL 31st 2014

Invasion of Maserati 250Fs heading to Revival!

We’re especially looking forward to the Richmond Trophy at this year’s Revival meeting. Front-engined 2.5 litre Grand Prix cars built between 1954 – ’60 are considered some of the best-looking and best-sounding single-seaters, but this year’s race is going to be extra special.

Imagine if you will a field of  Ferraris, Lancias, Lotuses et al taking their place on the Goodwood grid on Sunday 14th September, and amongst them all a huge collection of Maserati 250Fs. Sixty years since the epoch-making model was introduced to Grand Prix racing, sixteen examples will descend upon Goodwood to take part in the Richmond Trophy. Amongst them will be Fangio’s legendary 1957 German Grand Prix-winning car, and one of the incredibly rare V12 examples. The noise is going to be epic!

As if this wasn’t exciting enough, a section of the paddock will be transformed to closely resemble the garages from the 1964 Monza GP. We reckon that the sight of so many 250Fs sheltering in this period-looking location will be one of the most-shared photographs of the meeting.


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