JUL 03rd 2014

Silverstone celebrates its 50th Grand Prix... twice!

This week’s British Grand Prix will mark a special milestone for its host Silverstone. It will be the 50th Grand Prix held at the Northamptonshire circuit since the first took place in 1948, sealing forever the fate of this ex-airfield. It’s in fabled company: other circuits to have chalked up that many grands prix include Monaco, Monza, the Nürburgring and Spa.

So, the parties…

During this weekend’s GP, there will be a parade of a select group of F1 cars. But the main celebration will take place three weeks later (25-27 July) at the Silverstone Classic, which will have more of an F1 focus than ever before.

Fancy seeing over 100 F1 cars on track together? A parade during the Sunday lunchtime will bring that sight and sound together… possibly for the first time ever. Sir Stirling Moss will take the lead in one of the most evocative GP cars of all time – the Maserati 250F – followed by all manner of significant F1 cars from 1948 to the DFV V8 era of 1985. ERA, Cooper and Connaught are just some of the names you’ll see. Many will be racing during the Silverstone Classic weekend, but some will be in attendance purely for the parade. All will be on static display for the three days for a close look.

If you’re one of those who is vocal about current F1’s lack of noise, Silverstone Classic should address that with over 100 historical GP cars in action together.

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