JUL 30th 2014

Snapper's selection: Dom Romney at Silverstone Classic

Dom Romney first picked up a camera and started shooting at the age of about seven or eight, which goes some way to explaining his skills – nothing beats starting early! He has been a professional photographer for eight years now, concentrating on motorsport and automotive work.

‘Motorsport is, I think, one of the most technically challenging things you can shoot,’ says Dom. ‘Tracks are ugly (and getting uglier!), access is becoming harder and we are being pushed further and further away from the action all the time. You have no control over the situation and you are forced to bend your creative view to find the image within what is presented in front of you.’

His favourite purpose-built tracks are the older circuits, such as Monza, Imola and Jerez. ‘The high risk, high reward tracks where it’s little more than a ribbon of black tarmac twisting its way between gravel trap and grassy knoll.’

As well as favouring older circuits, Dom also prefers older cars. ‘I think the ’60s was the pinnacle of car design. For me, the ’63 Corvette is one of the prettiest cars ever made. I don’t think any other era of automobile design comes close.’

Look through his Silverstone Classic highlights above, and you’ll notice a emphasis on abstract images. ‘Cars are the sum of parts,’ he says. ‘I think it’s all too easy to look at it as a single item, but I love to break it down and find the parts and items that together make an iconic piece of automobile design which, on their own, are equally interesting to look at.’

It’s that alternative view that keeps Goodwood Road & Racing returning to Dom’s work. More of his work can be found on his website.

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