JUL 08th 2014

Snapper's selection: Richard Pardon at the Le Mans Classic

If ever there was a photogenic motorsport event, it’s the Le Mans Classic. Beautiful historic race cars, sunset, sunrise… It’s almost as glamorous as Revival, so we had to call on an ace photographer to capture it. That man was Richard Pardon, and here are his own photographic highlights. Over to him…

‘Working at various events, you’re usually subjected to working with what available light you have. At Le Mans, it’s different. The fact it’s a 24-hour race provides you with the opportunity to shoot at all hours of the day, in all different types of light. An opportunity and challenge every photographer should relish.

‘This was my first year covering the Le Mans 24-hour and Classic, and it certainly won’t be my last. If I had to choose between day and night, shooting at night (especially within the pits) would be my choice. Working at night gives you even more opportunity to be creative in terms of shutter speed and the track’s artificial lights. That, or sunrise and sunset!

‘The venue itself is huge, and not to be under-estimated. With different levels of access all around the circuit, it’s not easy to navigate either. The Classic has a chilled ambience, somewhat easier than the 24 hours that took place just three weeks before. That said, it provides you with plenty of photographic opportunities, from light trails around the Esses, to the sunrise at Dunlop and overhead pit stops from Tribune 34!

‘My favourite shot is of the start, with drivers running towards their cars; an iconic sight that could never be mistaken for another event. All you need to imagine is the sound of the large grids firing up and then thundering down the straight.’

You can see more of Richard Pardon’s work here.

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