AUG 10th 2014

Cars that rock the Oldtimer GP: Porsche 935 Kremer K3

Daniel Schrey makes no apologies for the fact that his original Group 5 Porsche 935 Kremer K3 doesn’t run in any of the liveries it did in period. “I’m a racer, not a collector,” he says. “If I was a collector, it would have to have the right size wheels.” But there’s no way it could race with the correct 18in wheels, as you can no longer get the tyres. So 16in rims and a race to the chequered flag it is, then. Or at least it would have been, had it not been for a gear selector problem after just a few laps in yesterday’s race. That gifted a position to the 935’s old arch enemy, the Zakspeed Ford Capri.

The car was raced in period by gentleman driver Axel Plankenhorn and it did actually once compete with yellow paint (driven on that occasion by John Winter), albeit without the sponsorship stickers and trademark Schrey chequered flag designs. Another of Danny’s trademarks is his distinctive crash helmet, with its painted visor. It leaves you wondering just how much he can see of where he’s going!

In period, the K3 was formidable. In 1979, it won Le Mans outright. German Klaus Ludwig and Americans Don and Bill Whittington drove through the rain to beat all the sports prototypes and, indeed, two more Kremer K3s filled the podium.

And the same holds true today; it still runs at the front of the Group 5 field. Daniel had a great qualifying session and secured third on the grid. At last year’s Oldtimer GP, he started from the back and came through to finish within a second of the first place car. So, after a busy night repairing the car, the team is hoping to get back to the sharp end of the field today.

We’ll be watching…

Photography: Jochen Van Cauwengerge at Frozenspeed

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