AUG 17th 2014

GRR does the Monterey Reunion

Many events take place during Monterey Car Week, but only one sees cars being used in anger and that’s the Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion, to give it its full title, and GRR was there (we’d love to have hung around for the Sunday action as well, but the small matter of Pebble Beach had to be attended to …)

Laguna Seca itself is a demanding, undulating ribbon of blacktop draped over the hillside just a short drive from Monterey. We found out first-hand just how demanding and undulating it is when we went for a couple of parade laps in Jeff Lotman’s Jaguar SS100 on the Tour d’Elegance. No amount of Gran Turismo game-time can really get across just how severe and physically demanding someof the sections of the circuit are.

When we arrived the whole place was shrouded in a thick mist (common for these parts in the morning as the moisture rolls in off the sea), but once the sun had done its job of burning off the unwelcome haze we were treated to the sight of a mightily impressive paddock.

The diverse selection of cars spanned pre-war racers up to the fearsome, winged-and flared FIA/IMSA GT machines of the Seventies and Early Eighties, with plenty of GT and Touring fodder in between; many of them bearing famous names of drivers who raced them in period. Under the cloud-free Californian sun it made for a mouth-watering sight.

We’ll be bringing you some galleries of the on-track action in due course, but for now enjoy a selection of snaps from the paddock.

Ariel photography: Larry Hedrick, GCF Motorsports


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