AUG 15th 2014

Lightweight E‑Type launch at Pebble Beach ‑ GALLERY

The first pictures were released recently of the first of the ‘new’ Lightweight E-Type Jaguars, but until yesterday nobody outside Jaguar’s employ had seen one in the metal. GRR has done just that after attending the Pebble Beach launch, and now we can’t wait to see one lapping back home at Goodwood.

By the time the covers were removed the guests had all been on the receiving end of prodigious offers of refreshment, and following a few brief pronouncements by the likes of Ian Callum (of course this is the only current Jaguar not to have been designed by the illustrious Scot), the sheet was whisked away. Cue a predictable wave of oohs, aahs, a frenzy of clicks from the cameras, and lots of mobile phones being held aloft and pointed in the Jag’s general direction.

Jaguar always put on a good do, but the Lightweight is such a special thing to be standing next to that it wasn’t really necessary. Speculation is still rife about what the cost will be and who will be invited to buy one, and as soon as we find out you’ll be the first to know. Whoever the lucky new owners will be though, it’s surely inevitable that we see some of the six planned cars at Goodwood sooner or later, because Jaguar has decreed that whoever acquires them HAS to race them. Good call.

The cars are literally brand new from tip to stern, although they aren’t strictly identical to the originals because modern construction techniques mean that both sides of the car are identical, which apparently is not the case with the original Lightweights.

We don’t care though. We are enamoured, and have a medical need to get our hands on one at Gooders! Fingers crossed …


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