AUG 12th 2014

New Lightweight E‑type in pics (huge gallery!)

The wait will soon be over for the public reveal of the new Lightweight E-type (or Special GT E-type Project, to give it the full title it carried in 1963). In the lead-up, Jaguar has released a wonderfully indulgent picture gallery ahead of its debut at Pebble Beach on Thursday.

As you probably know by now, Jaguar’s SVO division is building the six ‘missing’ Lightweights – only 12 of the originally planned 18 were built, and the new cars will carry the remaining previously allocated chassis numbers. They’ll be built in a new workshop on the site where the originals were constructed.

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The all-aluminium bodied, XK powered cars are being built to the exact 1963 specification and will come with FIA papers, making them eligible for historic racing. With the values of the originals measured in many millions, the six new cars are likely to be highly sought after. It’s the prototype ‘car zero’ that appears in these photos, and which will appear at Pebble Beach. It surely can’t be long until we see one at Goodwood?

The latest press release from Jaguar’s SVO contains this intriguing line: ‘The new Lightweight E-type is the first recreation to come from Jaguar Heritage, which operates within the Jaguar Land Rover Special Operations division.’

So what could be next in the line of historic recreations from JLR?

Well nobody is saying, but our money is on nine new copies of the D-Type based XKSS (pic below). Only 16 of the originally planned 25 cars were sold, as the rest were destroyed by fire at Browns Lane in 1957.

(Or is that too obvious?)


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