AUG 26th 2014

Video: On board at Eau Rouge for 20 years

Off the back of the Spa Grand Prix this weekend, here’s a celebration of Eau Rouge through the ages… well, a 20-year period anyway. The compilation of footage through F1’s most famous corner begins with Nelson Piquet aboard his Benetton and continues to 2013 with Nico Hulkenberg in his Sauber.

The common theme for each his a high-speed run down the start/finish straight into Eau Rouge, then a leap of faith as the horizon shortens into Raidillon. It’s interesting to see how the cars’ behaviour changes from 2009 onwards, when the rules restricted downforce.

Completists will be sorry to note the absence of three years – 1994, when a chicane was added; 2003, when the race was moved to Magny-Cours in France and 2006, when Spa was omitted from the calendar.

As well as the main compilation above, take a moment to enjoy Mark Weber’s spectacular move on Fernando Alonso at Eau Rouge in 2011. Video below.

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