SEP 20th 2014

Audio: The Grand Prix of Gibraltar

The dulcet tone of Henry Hope-Frost addressing the Revival crowd last weekend was one of the event’s many distinguishing features. However, it was whilst listening to Henry that we at GRR couldn’t help but be reminded of the Grand Prix of Gibraltar.

For those of you unfamiliar with it, we are of course referring to Peter Ustinov’s remarkable – and frankly hilarious – take on the world of Fifties Grand Prix racing, set in the unlikely (and impossible) setting of Gibraltar. In it the great man provides all of the voices and sounds himself as he describes the original 1906 event (where he describes one of the vehicles taking part as ‘the 750 horsepower, 22.1 litre, three-cylinder Bolsano. Hot favourite in the Voiturette class…’) sets the scene, interviews the various drivers like Girling Foss, Bill Dill, and Juan Julio Fandango before describing the race itself.

The Grand Prix of Gibraltar is absolute pure motor-racing-comedy gold, and you owe it to yourself after a hard week at work to free-up some time, prepare a favourite drink, and sit down and listen to it.

Trust us, you won’t be disappointed. This is magic.

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