SEP 19th 2014

Classifieds Combo: Renault Estafette and Jidé 1600S

Just for fun, every Friday GRR is going to scour the international classifieds to find two vehicles for sale that just seem to belong together for whatever reason. We’re going to call it our ‘Classified Combo’ … So without further ado let’s get cracking with our first offering, and to kick things off we’re coming from deep in ‘left-field’ or ‘champ gauche’ as the French might say.

The Alpine A110 is of course a famous competition car. With its Michelotti-penned good looks, screaming rear-located motor and kerb weight of around 700kilos it was a serious proposition whether rallying or racing. However, inspired by the Ford GT40 a certain Jacques Durand decided he could challenge the A110 with his own berlinetta, using the established Alpine greasy bits.



The result was the Jidé 1600S Gordini you see here, and we think it looks like a whole heap of fun. It turned out to be a handy tool as well, winning the Rallye du Poitou in 1972 ahead of no fewer than three Alpines and a Porsche 911S. Ultimately though the lighter, shorter-wheelbase Jidé couldn’t draw upon the same kind of financial resources enjoyed by the Alpine and the car became the  last to be produced by France’s last independent sports car manufacturer. However, nowadays it ranks as a serious contender in historic racing and this one would appear to have been properly prepared. The price may seem a tad steep at £78,700, but then there are Alpines that go for more than that.  


It’s the way of the Classified Combo’ that the two vehicles need to fit together somehow, and in this case the Jidé will be towed to events on a trailer pulled by this Renault Estafette. With the ‘split’ and ‘bay’ windowed versions of the Volkswagen Type 2, and the Citroen H-van firmly established in the upper echelons of cool commercials we think it’s about time there was more love for the Estafette. In period they were used by Ferrari as parts-barges for the Grand Prix team (as we saw in ‘Rush’) and this one would be an ideal candidate to be painted to match the Jidé and then tour Europe’s historic race/rally events. Just try to avoid the clichéd black-and-white hooped t-shirts and berets as your team’s attire …

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