SEP 02nd 2014

Flying pork! 911 RS 2.7 'Lightweight' is pure fantasy fuel

First of all, the 911 RS you see here flying through an Austrian forest with all four wheels off the ground (…just) is not the actual 911 RS we found for sale through F.A.Automobile in Paris. It is however a sister car of the one for sale, and besides the picture is just so good that we had to share it!

The actual car in question is the real McCoy; a genuine, numbers-matching 1973 Porsche 911 RS 2.7 ‘Lightweight’. Arguably the most imitated Porsche ever made, and responsible for giving rise to a whole industry of aftermarket ‘Carrera’ stickers to be slapped on the sides of lesser Porsches for generations to come.

The RS ‘Lightweight’ was of course so much more than a power hike and some fancy decals. A run of just around 1580 RS cars from 1973 – ’74 were built for homologation purposes with each car featuring a 210hp fuel-injected motor, sturdier suspension, that ‘ducktail’ rear spoiler, wider rear wheels and arches, and bigger brakes. The 200 factory ‘Lightweight’ cars, of which this is one, were as-per the RS cars, but were built with thinner gauge steel and even thinner glass to lop a further 100kg or so off the overall weight.

Although considered by collectors to be one of the all-time-great 911s, back in the day they were raced, rallied, inevitably crashed, repaired, raced again etc… What makes this example extraordinary is that it is still a ‘matching numbers’ car, which means that the engine and gearbox are still the original items, or at very least the cases are. For such a car to still boast this is unusual.

The vendor has invited enquiries ‘by principal only’, which means we can’t give you the full history. All we know is that it’s an M471 Factory Lightweight, that the engine, gearbox and colours are as per the original specification, that it shows an unbroken chain of ownership from new and comes with all the important documentation.

Oh, and apparently it’s one of the best in existence. An ‘exceptional’ example was sold at auction on Amelia Island earlier this year for $1.4m, so this car’s new owner will be writing a sizeable cheque…



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