SEP 10th 2014

Gallery: Early Revival arrivals!

As the first cars turn up to take their place in the Goodwood paddock, the GRR staff find themselves getting out of their chairs every other minute to see the latest arrival. ‘Look, another D-Type!’ has been the most repeated phrase on a day which has been punctuated by barking four-cylinders, singing sixes, and thunderous V8s negotiating various obstacles en route to their designated paddock slots.

Revival behind the scenes paddocks build up dsc_499320140910

As I write this, more and more of the world’s most evocative and famous racing cars are arriving. A swift glance out of the window here at Hangar Eight reveals nine D-Type Jaguars, including the prototype (OVC 501) and Mike Hawthorn’s Le Mans winning car (XKD 505). Wait… make that 10! The last ex-Ecurie Ecosse short-nose D-Type has just made its entrance and parked right underneath our office window. Oh yes, the excitement level here at Goodwood is rising rapidly.

Revival behind the scenes paddocks build up dsc_499620140910

In truth though, we’re still waiting for most of the cars to arrive. As it is the paddocks are mostly empty, although that situation is changing fast. Elsewhere we have seen, in no particular order; Lister Flat Iron, Mini Cooper, Maserati Tipo 161, Mercury Comet Cyclone, Ferrari 250 SWB, ex-Ecurie Ecosse Lister-Jaguar ‘Knobbly’, Lister-Chevrolet Knobbly, Austin A35, Austin A95, Lotus 21, AC Ace-Bristol, Mercedes-Benz 220S, and the ex-Sir Jackie Stewart Matra-Ford MS5.

Revival behind the scenes paddocks build up dsc_515320140910

Even in the time it’s taken to write that last paragraph an Alfa Romeo Tipo B and a phalanx of Ford Mustangs has turned up. We only wanted to give you a taster of what’s going on at Goodwood this afternoon, but at this rate we’re going to be here all night!

Hang on, chalk-up another D-Type …

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