SEP 02nd 2014

On Track Today: Revival testing!

With only 10 days to go until Revival, the latest test day has been the busiest yet. It’s been usual of late for the on-track volume to get quieter as the afternoon wears on, with some cars being taken home early to avoid traffic (some leaving because they’re broken) there are usually few left running come 4 o’clock. Not today.

Mustang single test Rev019

Today has been pure exhaust-note heaven from start to finish. Responsible for the biggest din were probably the Shelby Cup entrants. The small-block V8-engined cars thundered around all day, most notably Rowan Atkinson in his immaculate Ford Falcon and Jackie Oliver in a Mustang. In fact there were many Mustangs in action and even a Studebaker Daytona, although possibly the most distinctive small block sound was the lump in Roberto Giordanelli’s Lister-Chevrolet. More on that car soon …

Mustang single test Rev012

There was a very healthy turn out of single seaters, too, including Joe Colasacco in the jewel-like 1.5 litre V12 Ferrari 1512. Sadly, due to noise restrictions it had to have some heavy-duty extra silencing fitted, but despite this it still sounded divine. Come the Revival you’ll be able to hear it screaming away at around 11,500rpm… unsilenced! Elsewhere was Tom Alexander in his Aston Martin DB4GT ‘Lightweight’ which was going really well despite Tom’s protestations that his DB4 isn’t ideally suited to Goodwood, and hotshoe Sam Tordoff busy extracting extra performance out of Graham Robson and Hilton Persaud’s little Standard Pennant which I got my hands on for a couple of laps last month. Add to this lot the famous ex-Dick Protheroe ‘CUT 7′ and CUT 8’ E-Type Jaguars and you begin to get a taste of the kind of entertainment we’ve been treated to today.

Eventually it had to come to an end, and at 5:30 the circuit was closed for the day. Judging by the amount of fun everyone seemed to be having it’s possible that some had to be forcibly removed!

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