SEP 08th 2014

Race transporters are cool ...

As much as we all love racing cars of all varieties, there remains a certain fascination with the leviathans employed to lug them around.

This fascination was brought in to sharp focus last year when Bonhams sold the epoch-making ex-Ecurie Ecosse Commer TS3 for a shade shy of £1.8m. Of course, we are talking about probably the most celebrated race transporter that there will ever be in the case of the famous Flag Blue Commer, but bear in mind that popular estimates put its value at significantly less than half of that …

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What we have here is not quite in the same mould as the TS3, but could still prove to be a sound investment as well as a thoroughly practical vehicle for carting around your historic racer, all the parts you’ll need, and your crew. Oh and beer, there’s room for beer, too.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the 1959 BMC race transporter built as one of a fleet of 20 to serve as mobile Service Schools which taught the BMC dealership network how to maintain Minis and their (then) newfangled front-wheel-drive system. This one was the prototype of the bunch, which may raise its level of collectability a few notches. Despite being created as a kind of mobile classroom it did see competition service when BMC’s competitions department used it on a trip to Australia.


So, it doesn’t have the wealth of history attached to it as did the Ecurie Ecosse Commer, but it was designed by none other than Pininfarina and is actually one  year older. The price? Well, we don’t know yet because it’s going to be sold by Bonhams at the Goodwood Revival sale this weekend. However, the estimate is set at £60,000 to 80,000 which is somewhat less than you’d pay for a new transporter. And as for reliability, CKL who are looking after the Commer TS3 report that it still crosses Europe without missing a beat! Is it possible that this BMC could be aquired, see service as your race-barge for a couple of seasons, and then sold-on at a profit?

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