JAN 08th 2015

Lister number one comes to market ...


Our ears are still ringing from the glorious din produced by Roberto Giordanelli’s Lister Knobbly Chevrolet in the run-up to the Revival meeting as news reaches us of an altogether different Lister coming to market.

Auctioneer H&H has announced it is selling by private sale treaty the very first car ever to have been created by Brian Horace Lister himself, who passed-away recently. It differs from the Knobbly Chevy in a number of ways, not least of which that it made-do with an 1100cc JAP vee-twin motor and not 500bhp-worth of V8!


However it was by all accounts a very fast car, especially when driven by Archie Scott-Brown who went on to carve his name in the annals driving Listers. The formidable Scot extracted incredible speed from the car, often lapping every other car in its field and winning the 1100-1500cc class.

Lister himself christened the car ‘the Asteroid’ and Motor Sport magazine who witnessed the car at Goodwood in 1952 described it as an ‘exciting object in the paddock’.

The machine itself passed through several owners’ hands before being found in a barn sans-bodywork in 2009, after which it was fully restored to original specification.

We love Listers and recently were privileged to see one of the ‘new’ Knobblys here at the circuit. The car you see here will be on display at the London Classic Car show from the 8th to the 11th January. I wonder if they’d bring it down to the circuit so we can have a little play ..?

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