NOV 26th 2015

Video: Ford Mustang vs Porsche 911 on the Daytona banking

It’s the age-old question: Would Sir prefer neat handling and powerful braking, or outright horsepower? Of course nobody can answer that one in the context of motorsport without knowing which circuit we’re talking about driving on. At Cadwell Park for example, you’d tend to put a premium on handling, whereas at somewhere like Goodwood or Thruxton horsepower is the more valuable commodity.

Bonhams Merc SL promo Daytona

At the recent Daytona Classic 24 you’d be forgiven for thinking that the flat-out sections of banking would favour great bucketloads of snort – and you’d be right – although as this clip proves, there’s not that much in it overall.

What we have here is a delicious scrap between Scott Turner in his 1966 Shelby GT350H and Lee Giannone’s Porsche 911S from around 7am on the Sunday morning. At the start the Mustang positively devours a Porsche 914 in the run up to turn one, whereupon said Porsche 911 hoves into view. However by now we’re on the twisty infield section of the circuit and any advantage the Mustang had has vanished.

Shelby GT350 Mustang Classic 24 onboard Daytona International speedway

By the time the cars pull on to the banking again the 911 has pulled a good 10 – 12 car lengths on the Mustang, which suddenly finds itself holding all the cards again. Will it get past? If it does, can it stay there? We’ll stop before we give the game away, but between the cat-and-mouse action and the heavenly cacophany being produced by the Mustang, this is cracking stuff.

It’s worth pointing out that the Mustang is a genuine GT350 Hertz car, with correct R-spec’ gauges, period seats, and the correct 16-inch early GT350 steering wheel. Scott tells us that he’s determined to run the car as it was prepared in-period as far as the safety reg’s will allow. Good effort, sir!

Be honest; having watched this clip, just how much would you love to get an historic racer on its tip-toes around this place as the sun rises over the banking …?

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