NOV 19th 2015

Video: Olly Bryant hits 201mph at the Daytona Classic 24!

‘I didn’t think 200mph was do-able’ concedes popular GT3 racer Olly Bryant of the 2006 Dodge Charger NASCAR he raced at the Daytona Classic 24 last weekend.

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‘In qualifying I hit 196mph with it on fresh tyres and really thought that was all it had.’ In the race itself though, Olly managed a better exit out of the Bus Stop, held third gear for just a few hundred RPM more and right as he braked for turn one the data-logger was registering over 201mph.

‘That’s the fastest I’ve ever been on a track. The GT3 cars have lots more downforce and so would ultimately lap a few seconds faster, but the Dodge can hit a far higher top speed’ he explains.

Remarkably, the Dodge was hitting higher speeds than the official NASCARs do at Daytona, because those cars have to run a restrictor plate between the carburettor and the inlet manifold which reduces power significantly. Olly’s car though is a ‘road-race’ chassis and so can run the full, unbridled 800-ish BHP.

In case you’re wondering what kind of revs the screaming V8 was pulling, Olly tells us he was limiting it to 9,100 ‘although it can apparently spin up to 11,000’ he adds. 11,000 RPM from a pushrod V8 motor on a carburettor? Just wow …

Daytona NASCAR Bryant

G-Force junkies will also note that the car at one point is pulling almost 2G at 180mph on the banking. Wow again.

But the maximum speed is really a red herring. What shocked the GRR office the most is just how well the big, heavy, live-axled NASCAR deals with the twisty bits. It looks like fun and we all want a go.

As for Mr Bryant, who recorded this footage on the final day of his Twenties (congratulations from GRR by the way, Olly) he’s hoping to realise his ambition of racing at Le Mans next year, not to mention the Daytona 24 Hours. 

We can’t comment on Le Mans, but as for Daytona we’d say that he’s got the hang of the place …

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