DEC 09th 2015

Video: 'Batmobile' at 220mph on Daytona banking

Few people have been motor racing without suffering the heartbreak of one’s racing car going sick before the action begins. At the recent sensational HSR Daytona Classic 24 Hours Johan Woerheide’s Lola T70 MkIIIb was on the receiving end of a transmission malady which meant that his gorgeous racer had more chance of doing a vertical take-off than it did of racing.

Road turned race promo

Seeing as though there were three other MkIIIbs present to race with, that must have been particularly galling. Can you imagine looking forward to pinning your T70 against the Daytona banking in the middle of the night and at the best part of 200mph with a handful of similar cars keeping you company? Why, you’d need to watch the nation’s deviously-positioned speed cameras all burn to the ground to match that sort of thrill …

Luckily for Johan though, he’d brought along with him to Daytona another toy from Huntingdon – a Lola B2K/10. If you check the record books they will tell you that just six such cars were made. This isn’t quite correct. Although six cars were indeed originally built, the car you see here (chassis HU07) sat in the entrance hall at Lola and to this day has never been raced.

So with the T70 out of action, Johan was given permission to take the B2K/10 out for a few practice laps and it’s some of these laps we have to share with you here. 

Daytona Classic 24 Lola

‘I thought that to be a waste of a good car,’ he tells us. ‘I asked if I could commission the completion of the car as a two-seater and Lola agreed, going so far as to install a cigarette lighter!’ Johan’s car features a Ford-based Lozano Brothers V8 which apparently makes an economical and reliable 759bhp. ‘I don’t know… and don’t want to know how fast I was going on the banking,’ he admits, mindful of the fact that his 15-year-old son Willis has instructed him not to damage the car before he’s old enough to drive it! We reckon that it must have topped-out somewhere well north of 200mph.

Resplendent in its naked, unpainted carbon fibre the car does have more than a little of the Batmobile about it and this is only one of the handful of times it has ever been driven. Johan is keen to point out that this was a practice session and that he was only really going out for more of a spin than an ultimate lap time, but still, the sight of this thing tearing around the banking during the second running of the Classic 24 and with the sun shining down is pretty evocative stuff.

Oh and look out for the slightly hairy moment at 2:43!

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