FEB 23rd 2015

Video: How to drive a Porsche 911 RSR around Le Mans

Jim Pace is a name that might just ring a bell. We shared a video recently of him giving a McLaren M6B a somewhat ‘spirited’ outing at the wonderful Road America circuit. Clearly he’s a man whose passion for historic motorsport is confined not merely to the States, nor for that matter to mid-engined Can-Am cars, because here he is at the Classic Le Mans event from 2012 in a screaming Porsce 911 RSR.

We’ve been feeling more than the odd pang of 911-fever recently , what with the grid full of early 2.0 examples due here for the Aldington Trophy at the 73rd Members’ Meeting. Admittedly though, this 911 is somewhat removed from the short wheelbase cars which will be turning up at Goodwood en masse in a few weeks.

This clip is a Porsche-lover’s dream: One full lap of Le Mans, flat-out in an RSR with almost no traffic and a driver not afraid of the loud pedal. That said, this isn’t an elbows-out, opposite-lock Banzai effort from Mr Pace. Despite the car’s slightly ‘nervous’ nature being evident on a few occasions, our pilot doesn’t succumb to over-driving the thing, just works with it and goes very fast in the process. There are other signs that we’re dealing with an experienced wheel-man here: the tug on the harness and the brush of the brake pedal with the left foot for example. The playful little pat of the dashboard on the Mulsanne Straight we’ll put down to being a man enjoying the car and the circuit!

It won’t take many seconds of viewing before you’ll know exactly how he feels. How could anyone drive such a car around Le Mans and not come over a bit ‘Michael Delaney’ about the whole thing? 

We strongly suggest a cup of tea and some headphones to accompany this clip. Oh, the noise …

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