MAR 19th 2015

Video: How to Drive a 3.0 Ford Capri around Goodwood

At a recent testing session ahead of this weekend’s 73rd Members’ Meeting, one of the many cars to turn our heads was Paul Pochicol’s 3.0 Ford Capri. The car is a faithful re-creation of the car that Vince Woodman drove with some success in the British Touring Car Championship between 1979 and 1982 and will be driven in the Gerry Marshall Trophy races by both Paul and our good friend and Le Mans veteran Nic Minassian.

‘We built it in 2011’ Paul begins. ‘The idea was to replicate the Woodman car with its Team Equip Esso livery. Actually, the original car was the last Esso Capri to race. We’ve run it in the Masters Series and the J.D Classics Challenge, then at the 72nd Members’ Meeting last year with Alex Buncombe. It’s not a very high-powered car, but it’s just so much fun to drive and I’m looking forward to sharing it with Mr Minassian. It’s going to be a fabulous experience, and it’s great that Goodwood now has a meeting for a car I own which is eligible!’

Although he’s not been racing for many years and was only testing the car, we like Paul’s smooth style… and he’s not hanging about either! 


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