APR 17th 2015

Firing on... FOUR! Unipower GT

This lovely little Unipower GT is the pride of enthusiast owner Gerry Hulford’s  pristine collection, and he knows everything about it. We caught up with him and the diminutive car at a recent Harwoods track day on the Motor Circuit, where he was joined by Ernie Unger, the man responsible for the original drawings and idea behind the Unipower.


In 1962 Ernie decided to create a compact sportscar-for-the-road and once he got the funding to launch the project, he mates this beautiful fibreglass bodywork, with a tubeframe chassis and a Mini-Cooper powertrain and, in ’66, the Unipower GT was born. Around 75 cars were built and, while there was never any intention of sending the GT to the track, said Ernie, ‘it was raced because it went so damn well!’

This particular car is powered by a 1293cc Cooper ‘S’ engine and took part in the 1969 testing for Le Mans (before a sister car was used in qualifying), Nurburgring 500km and Barcelona 12hrs. Gerry has lovingly owned it since 1976 – with three others passing through his hands – and even has the original body moulds. He has given the car a full and delicate restoration and tells us that every detail is exactly as it would have been in period.

Describing the handling as ‘very neutral and more mid-engined than rear in feel,’ Gerry is clearly very proud of the car and his affection for it shows in its immaculate condition.

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