APR 10th 2015

VIDEO: GRR man Harris in classic Porsche 911 race at 73MM (Spoiler ‑ he survives!)

You rarely see as many people walking around wearing beaming smiles as you do at the Members Meeting. I don’t know if that was the case this year because of the weather, the fact that the biggest collection of McLaren F1 GTRs ever assembled was in action on the track, or the sheer variety of metal. But the visitors were smiling.

As was I. I think this is the most interesting race paddock I’ve been to – in fact if someone asked me to present the perfect cross section of circuit racing cars throughout the ages, you couldn’t do much better than hand them a free ticket to the 73MM. Chain-driven monsters shared program space with a modern F1 car. (Easy with the free tickets! Ed.)

The latter was a highlight for everyone, including yours truly. Anthony Davidson was brilliantly calm about the whole thing: “Yeah, I was in sixth into turn one”  That’s around 150mph into a bumpy braking zone. Rather him than me. People are still trying to guess what lap time that car could achieve. Sub 50 seconds? Perhaps. The insane Can-Am cars didn’t loom that much slower!

This is the first of two films that capture the flavour of the event and features the John Aldington Trophy, a 20 minute race for pre-1965 Porsche 911s. I was driving Howard Donald’s beautiful little machine, and it was a blast.

If these two films can capture just a small part of the magic of the event, then they will be worth watching.

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