MAY 19th 2015

About that McLaren F1 GTR you always promised yourself...

Snapper's Selection Tom Shaxson

After they stole the show at the 73rd Members’ Meeting we’re sure that, like us, you developed a hankering to own an iconic McLaren F1 GTR. Well, you’re in luck, as one is up for sale right now.


This particular example is being sold privately, through McLaren themselves, who remain predictably tight lipped about how much it will set you back. However, considering the current owner bought it for around £8.3million in 2012 and treated it to a full mechanical restoration, we can only imagine it will be worth several million more today.

McLaren F1 GTR

This Davidoff sponsored, Gulf liveried, longtail F1 GTR didn’t have the greatest of racing seasons in its one year on the track. It managed a pair of sixth place finishes in the 1997 FIA GT Endurance Championship before retiring to a life of leisure in the hands of various collectors.

McLaren F1 GTR

But the importance of McLaren F1 GTR chassis 28R goes far beyond its racing pedigree, this is the last F1 GTR ever to roll off the production line. In fact, it was never meant to take that honour, as this car was originally intended to be chassis 27R, missing the landmark by one, but it was damaged in a shakedown test and bumped into last place.

McLaren F1 GTR

After it retired 28R would be sold to a Japanese collector, who converted it to a different race spec, but never turned a wheel in it. This time around the car is being looked after until the sale by McLaren Special Operations. We’re told that, if you were of a mind to do so, this car could be converted for road use – and there are only two other road going F1 GTRs around, so far…

Photography by Jochen Van Cauwenberg and Tom Shaxson.

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