MAY 24th 2015

Gallery: 1960s Endurance Racers at Spa Classic

Want to see Cobras and E-Types? There were around ten of each contesting the Sixties Endurance category at the Spa Classic yesterday – part of a packed grid of almost 70 cars that also included a plethora of Porsches (including a very pretty pair of 904s), plus various assorted Alfas, Corvettes, MGBs, Mustangs, TVRs and Morgans…

We’ve a short but spectacular video clip of the start of the race here, where you can watch the field barrelling down towards Eeau Rouge and on through Raidillon. Or you can enjoy the lovely pictures in our gallery above!

Due to the diversity of the field, there’s an algorithm that determines results. We’re not quite sure how it works, but the classification notice declared a Porsche 356 Speed to be the winner.

Photography: Jochen Van Cauwenberge



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